Scottish dating sites scots scots

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Scottish dating sites scots scots

The roof of such dwellings were vegetation over beams covered by turf - often quite thick.

This determined there were two separate pieces of land.

This smoky environment provides inhabitants some protection from sandflies/biting midges as would definately be required in South Westland).

An alternative temporary dwelling may have made by the typical method of overturning one of the Viking ships and supporting it on two rows of rocks which follow the lines of the ships strakes thus leaving the outline of a boat.

Early European documents and manuscriptions use quite different spellings for many Maori words and it is only through later standardisation that current spellings are used.) The story goes that after sailing from somewhere on the east coast of Scotland (probably Perth/Fifeshire) the fleet of three ships sailed north ot Orkney.

They then sailed the length of the Atlantic and around the south of Africa.

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There was plentiful loose rock suitable for building a dwelling in the style of a Scottish black house capable of housing 45 people plus animals.

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