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Lexicostatistical dating sites

A notable feature of the historical-linguistic literature is the number of discrepant and often idiosyncratic proposals in circulation at any one time.There is little sign of the ruthless but ultimately constructive peer pressure which recently moved human genetics within a decade from pretty pictures to a (more or less) coherent account of global settlement.

With urban development and literacy this was supplanted by more evolved systems using 5s, 6s, 10s, and eventually dozens and scores.Nagaraja, K S; Sidwell, Paul; Greenhill, Simon This paper presents the results of lexicostatistical, glottochronological, and Bayesian phylogenetic analyses of a 200 word data set for Standard Khasi, Lyngngam, Pnar and War.Very few works have appeared on the subject of the internal classification of the Khasian branch of Austroasiatic, leaving the existing reference literature disappointingly incomplete.Stephen Oppenheimer complains, with perfect justice, that historical linguistics has always offered ‘promises of great insight into the past’ but that academic publications reveal ‘more confusion than clarity’.It is nevertheless possible to understand something about historical linguistics without full understanding, as one can drive a car without reading the manual.

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Any lack of coherence in human genetics reflects their misguided but honest attempts to reconcile genetic results with obsolete linguistic theory promoted by historical linguistics.

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