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Women are hoping they can sway the outcome of this election in a country where women make up just 19 percent of Parliament.Sex striking before elections has become a common practice in Kenya, including one in 2009 that sought to get political leaders to work together.

At the national level, bullying in schools in Kenya stands at 57 per cent for students who are bullied on one or more days in a month.However, building on a comprehensive recent study conducted by the United Nations Children’s Fund, ‘Hidden in Plain Sight: A Statistical Analysis of Violence against Children,’ researchers established bullying has influences on safety, social stratification, hierarchy, and social mobility.Cultural links But whereas in most developed countries bullying is being discouraged from all sides, and more so within the education system, in Sub-Saharan Africa and in Kenya in particular, the vice is often tolerated from a cultural and societal stand point of view.Nonetheless, bullying in schools has embedded itself in Kenya, because parents and the government have looked the other way when principals use it as tool to maintain discipline.The crux of the matter is that although it is illegal for teachers to give corporal punishment, there are loopholes that encourage use of aggression that include physical bullying and hazing of students by fellow students.

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