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Reference to the tax code itself will be sufficient for most cases; however, practitioners in these countries also consult the amending laws because not all amendments, particularly those that are transitional or those with a narrow scope of application, take the form of textual amendment to the code. We cite to an annual paperback compilation of tax legislation, published by Linde Verlag (Vienna). We have cited to the official codification of all the laws of The Bahamas, a nine-volume text. There is no income tax, sales tax, or inheritance and gift tax. Amending acts and other laws passed subsequently to this codification are listed in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas: Consolidated Index of Statutes and Subsidiary Legislation (1996)In addition to those listed below, the following taxes are imposed in Bangladesh: stamp duties, entertainment tax, motor vehicle tax, irrigation tax, tax on transfer of immovable property, wealth tax (Wealth Tax Act, XV of 1963), gift tax (Gift Tax Act, 1963), land development tax, VAT (Value Added Tax Ordinance, 1991), excise duty (Excise and Salt Tax Act, 1944, as amended by VAT), foreign travel tax, advertisement tax, insurance premium tax, and electric duty (Electric Duty Act, 1935) National Board of Revenue, Income Tax Manual, Part I (Bangladesh Government Press). For example, it is a feature (albeit unusual) of the Australian income tax that the amount of a loss carried forward for a particular tax period is reduced by the net exempt income of the taxpayer for that period, with the balance applied first against the net exempt income of the following tax period (AUS ITAA (1997) § 36-15).

Thierry Lambert, Contrôle fiscal: Droit et pratique (Presses Universitaires de France 1991). Gilbert Tixier and Guy Gest, Droit fiscal international (2d ed., Presses Universitaires de France 1990). Harvard Law School, International Program in Taxation: Taxation in the Federal Republic of Germany (Commerce Clearing House 1963). Joachim Lange and Klaus Tipke, Steuerrecht: Ein systematischer Grundriss (13th ed., O. The bibliography is limited to national tax laws; thus, taxes of political subdivisions of a country are generally not included. Ley № 23.562, Fondo transitorio para financiar desequilibrios fiscales provinciales (Transitional Fund for Financing Fiscal Imbalances in the Provinces), B. Law on Exempting Tax Paying Legal and Physical Persons (Entities) in the Republic of Armenia from Paying Taxes Assigned to Other Payers, Fines and Payments to Out-of-Budget State Funds, as well as Fines, Penalties and Other Obligations for Transgressions Against Tax Laws, Apr. Excise Law of the Republic of Armenia, June 6, 1992, NTIS [in English]. At the federal level, Australia imposes the income tax and related taxes and the sales tax. Again, the inclusive nature of the provision means that any other amount that is “income” is taxed).

Yet, given resource constraints, it has not been possible on this first attempt to produce a complete list of tax laws. 3, 1953 (Tax on the Sale of Fermented Beverages) (we omit some other laws and decrees relating to this tax, for which see Maison Larcier, . Decreto-Lei № 1.881, altera a Lei № 5.172, de 25 de outubro de 1966, cria a reserva do fundo de participação dos municípios (FPM), e dá outras providências (Decree-Law amending Law 5.172 of 1966 Establishing the Reserve Fund for the FPM (Municipalities’ Participation Fund), and Governing Other Related Matters), Aug. Decreto-Lei № 1.940, Institui contribuição social, cria o fundo de investimento social-FINSOCIAL, e dá outras providências (Decree-Law Establishing the Social Security Tax and FIN SOCIAL (the Social Investment Fund), and Governing Other Related Matters), May 25, 1982, . Some of the Scandinavian countries provide examples of this.

This bibliography is believed to be the most comprehensive currently available in one book. Arrêté royal coordonnant les dispositions légales concernant les débits de boissons fermentées, Apr. Decreto-Lei № 1.804, dispõe sobre tributação simplificada das remessas postais internacionais (Decree-Law Governing Simplified Taxation Procedures in the Case of International Postal Remittances), Sept. Decreto-Lei № 1.852, regula a distribuição aos municípios da parcela do imposto sobre transmissão de bens imóveis e de direitos a eles relativos (Decree-Law Governing the Distribution to Municipalities of a Portion of the Tax on the Conveyance of Real Estate and Related Rights), Jan. Decreto-Lei № 1.875, dispõe sobre a simplificação de normas gerais de direito financeiro aplicáveis a municípios com população inferior a 50.000 (cinqüenta mil) Habitantes (Decree-Law Governing the Simplification of General Regulations of Financial Law Applicable to Municipalities with Fewer than 50,000 Inhabitants), July 15, 1981, . This was more common in the past, but currently applies in Romania, for example, although it is proposed to consolidate these laws., shows that many countries have, besides the basic individual and corporate income tax laws, other tax laws that contain rules related to income tax.

The current list of available laws is available on the Internet ( Under the fair market value rule, B would be required to recognize 0 as rental income and as the cost of the inventory acquired. Cooke & Sherden (nonconvertible benefit provided in the business context); and Dawson v. 296, sets forth 20 factors in applying the common law test for an employment relationship. A similar position applies in New Zealand where no deductions are allowed for any expenditure or loss incurred in gaining or producing employment income (ITA § 105).

A collection of tax legislation, limited to Latin American countries, can be found on a compact disk published by the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD), which is updated annually. Comm’r of IR (NZ) (nonconvertible benefit provided as the return for an investment). ESP IRPF § 28(2) (standard deduction of 5 percent with a cap of Ptas.

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Surrey et al., Federal Income Taxation: Cases and Materials (Foundation Press 1986). Hugh Ault et al., Comparative Income Taxation: A Structural Analysis (Kluwer 1997). Sijbren Cnossen, Excise Systems: A Global Study of the Selective Taxation of Goods and Services (Johns Hopkins 1977). Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Taxpayers’ Rights and Obligations: A Survey of the Legal Situation in OECD Countries (1990). Nor is there a bibliography that lists the tax laws of each country and where the full text may be obtained. It should be of use to those interested in obtaining the text of the tax laws of a particular country or in getting a sense of the structure of the tax legislation. Loi ordinaire, visant à achever la structure fédérale de l’état, Livre III, Écotaxes (environmental taxes), July 16, 1993. Lei № 7.782, dispõe sobre a incidência do imposto sobre a renda na fonte em aplicações de renda fixa, e dá outras providências (Law Governing Income Tax Deducted at Source from Fixed-income Investments, and Other Related Matters), June 27, 1989, . 159, c, da constituição federal, institui o fundo constitucional de financiamento do norte (FNO), o fundo constitucional e financiamento do nordeste (FNE) e o fundo constitucional de financiamento do centro-oeste (FCO) e dá outras providências (Law regulating Article 159 (c) of the Federal Constitution, establishing FNO (the Constitutional Fund for Financing the North), FNE (the Constitutional Fund for Financing the Northeast), and FCO (the Constitutional Fund for Financing the Center-West), and other related matters), Sept. Lei № 9.249, altera a legislação do imposto sobre a renda das pessoas jurídicas, bem como da contribuição social sobre o lucro liquido, e dá outras providências (Law Amending the Legislation on Corporate Income Tax, and Also Social Tax on Net Profits Together with Other Provisions) available on Tax Base [in Portuguese]. Obviously, this is also the case in countries where income from agriculture is exempt. The specific manifestation of this exploitation often is the deduction of interest expense and other losses against positive capital income.

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