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Along the way he meets four other young dinosaurs, each one a different species, and they encounter several obstacles as they learn to work together in order to survive.

Pachycephalosaurus is depicted as a ferocious carnivore.

Por primera vez nieva en el valle y todo el mundo se queda perplejo y fascinado, pero no pasa mucho antes de que se den cuanta de que esos copos blancos y esponjosos que tanta diversión ofrecen son en realidad una amenaza para su supervivencia.

A pesar de todo, Piecito, Cera, Patito y Petrie están más preocupados por Spike, que se ha quedado encantado con una manada de estegosaurios y ha decidido irse con ellos para escapar de la helada.

As a director, Bluth's use of color and texture in this film is absolutely brilliant.

He has this wonderful soft blending of mainly the background colors (usually most notable in the sky), which suggests use of chalk pastels to create this effect.

It is never explicitly stated that they would eat Cera, they were merely threatening her.

See more » : Once upon this same earth, beneath this same sun, long before you, before the ape and the elephant, as well; before the wolf, the bison, the whale, before the mammoth and the mastodon, in the time of the dinosaurs. Some had flat teeth, and ate the leaves of trees, and some had sharp teeth for eating meat, and they preyed upon the leaf-eaters. The mighty beasts who appeared to rule the earth, were, in...

See more » Don Bluth's masterpiece, The Land Before Time, is a wonderful children's feature with beautiful animation, a great story, adorable characters, and good direction.

Mucho tiempo antes de la aparición del hombre en la tierra, vivió una raza pacífica de dinosaurios vegetarianos llamados los "comedores de hojas".

Pero cuando fueron obligados a trasladarse a nuevos pastos, los terribles "dientes afilados", una raza de dinosaurios carnívoros, los atacaron.

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See full summary » An orphaned brontosaurus named Littlefoot sets off in search of the legendary Great Valley.

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