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Marx’s Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 arc unquestionably the brightest star of that heroic early period, but they should be seen as part of a whole constellation of interrelated activities and aspirations.

In his Paris youth, and for several years thereafter, Karl Marx was no advance which revolutionizes political economy and for the first time makes a real science of political economy possible”.In 1844 we find Engels writing sympathetically of American Shaker communities, which he argued, proved that “communism…We do know, however, that they shared Hegel’s high esteem for the sixteenth century German mystic and heretic Jacob Boehme, saluted by Marx in the Rheinische Zeitung in 1842 as “a great philosopher.” Four years earlier Engels had made a special study of Boehme, finding him “a dark but deep soul”,” very original” and “rich in poetic ideas.” Boehme is cited in The Holy Family and in several other writings of Marx and Engels over the years.One of the things that may have attracted them to Boehme is the fact that he was very much a dialectical thinker.

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Proudhon on the other hand, influenced them not only through his books, but-at least in Marx’s case-personally as well, for he was a good friend in those days, with whom Marx later recalled having had “prolonged discussions” which often lasted “far into the night.” It is too easily forgotten today that in 1844 Proudhon already enjoyed an international reputation; his What Is Property?